Question One

          Am New, I want to register?


                               i.            New Members/Student are to register by Clicking “Apply Here” on the menu

                             ii.            Choose a Username (a valid email) , supply your Password and other details as requested

                          iii.            Click Register

                          iv.            Now use your user name(email) and password to login

                             v.            If you want to pay click on Interswitch and click continue for Payment

                          vi.            If not Click on Back to My Home to fill other necessary details


Question Two

How do I login?


                               i.            If you are a member, click on the Member Area Menu, if not Log in to Register.

                             ii.            Supply your member pin as username.

                          iii.            Supply your password (your pin is your default password)

                          iv.            Click log in.


Question Three

          How do I change the Picture on My profile?


The picture on your profile is the picture that will be used for all your transaction/document especially for the students members. To change the picture

                               i.            Login first

                             ii.            On your dashboard, move your mouse to “Upload Passport”

                          iii.            Click browse from the window

                          iv.            Navigate to where your passport is saved on your device (computer, IPad, IPhone, etc)

                             v.            Click Upload


Question Four

          How do I View/Modify my profile?


                               i.            Click on My Profile on the Menu

                             ii.            Choose the tab for appropriate information you want to view/modify such as Personal, Education, Employee, Referees & Sponsor, Next of Kin

                          iii.            Click Safe Record to effect the changes made to your profile.


Question Five

          How do I Upload Necessary Documents?



                               i.            Click on My Documents on the Side Menu

                             ii.            Enter the Document Title

                          iii.            Choose the document type

                          iv.            Click on browse and navigate to where the scanned document are saved on your device i.e. computer Ipad, Iphone etc

                             v.            Click Upload




Question Six

          How Do I Check My Result (Student)?


                               i.            Click on My Result on the side Menu to view your results


Question Seven

          How do I Register for Exam (Student)?


                               i.            Click on Exam Registration

                             ii.            Fill in necessary details like (subjects, centre, exam type)

                          iii.            Click Submit to save your entries


Question Eight

          How do I Print My Exam Slip?


                                           i.            Click on Print Exam Slip on the Side Menu.

                                         ii.            It will show the subjects you registered for and the date and time the exam will be taken

                                      iii.            Your Examination Number will be available only when the registration is closed.


Question Nine

          How do I Make payment Online?


                               i.            Click on Make E-payment on the side menu

                             ii.            Choose the Items you want to pay for from the list

                          iii.            Click on Pay

                          iv.            Select Interswitch from the Options

                             v.            Click Make Payment

                          vi.            Write Down the Transaction Number and Click “Click Here to Proceed to payment” at the top of the page

                        vii.            Supply your card details to complete the payment process


Question Ten

          How do I check my Financial position?


i.                   Click on my financial position on the side menu to view your        e-wallet


Question Eleven

          How Do I search for other Members?


                               i.            Click on Search Members from the Side Menu

                             ii.            Enter the members pin number/Surname/Other names

                          iii.            Click on Search to view possible list


Question Twelve

          How Do I Add/View/Print My MCPD DETAILS?


                               i.            Click on MCPD Details on the Side Menu

                             ii.            To Add

a.     Supply Period/Year

b.     Supply Course Date

c.      Select Course Title

d.     Click on Add MCPD

                          iii.            To Print

a.     Click on Print MCPD

b.     Supply the year

c.      Click Submit


Question Thirteen

          How do I change my password?


                               i.            Click on Change password on the Side Menu

                             ii.            Supply your Present password

                          iii.            Supply Your New password

                          iv.            Confirm the password

                             v.            Click Update


Question Fourteen       

          How do I Log Out


i.                   Click on Log out on the Side Menu